Peter Rhyne

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I love solving design problems for you! User Experience design with function and form makes you and your clients happier.

I’ve learned User Experience by reading Don Norman, Steve Krug, also taking online courses and finally freelance work. My brother David, a Principal UX Designer has been my mentor (and boss occasionally) the whole way.

Having a successful career in the landscape design and consulting field for 8 years has equipped me to better serve your User Experience needs. I’m sure I can help with your particular situation. I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks for stopping by!

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Design Methodology

Design is more than making something visually attractive, it should also solve a problem. Successful design strategy needs quality communication and feedback from start to finish.

Every client has a unique set of challenges. Getting to know my clients’ challenges and goals means we can identify the path forward. Helping my clients in a way that makes it easy and cost efficient for them is my mission.